Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is there an AMC theatre close to Arizona State University?

Is there an AMC theatre close to the campus? If so, how close is the theatre?

Is there an AMC theatre close to Arizona State University?opera music

There's really nothing close to ASU that isn't Harkins. The closest AMC is the Ahwatukee 24 on Ray Rd. That's 7 or 8 miles from ASU.

Is there an AMC theatre close to Arizona State University?opera sheet music opera theater

Smooth music before amc movie theatre previews?

hey, if anyone has an AMC theatre around, you should know what I'm talking about - Before the previews and all, AMC runs random facts and quotes from actors and such, blah blah, but they play that ultra-cool, almost pr0n-like music...I'd like to know what genre music that is...who its by...what its called...or where i can find it. Y'all get the picture. Please help me ! Than ks :)

Smooth music before amc movie theatre previews?phantom of the opera

they always play alot of soft rock or movie soundtrack stuff. don't honestly know where to find it though.

Anyone have a AMC MOVIE THEATRE in there city? I have a gift card worth $15.00 and about to throw it

So if you like I would be generous to give it to you so I will pick who to give it to....

I dont have a AMC theatre in my city thats why I'm giving it away.

Anyone have a AMC MOVIE THEATRE in there city? I have a gift card worth $15.00 and about to throw it away?soap opera

Yeah, I do. my husband and I would love to have it. My email is if you're serious about it.

Anyone have a AMC MOVIE THEATRE in there city? I have a gift card worth $15.00 and about to throw it away?city opera opera theater

regift or give to a friend.
I do
List it on eBay. You can get about 90% of face value for it.
I do. I live in central Florida. Have you asked all your friends and family though? I would think you'd be happier giving it to them than us strangers. Unless you're a stalker and want us to give you are mailing address!!!(:
I know how you can find out if there is a AMC movie theatre near you. Go to yahoo movies it's on the main Yahoo page. click on movies and go to showtimes and tickets and type you zip code. Then read all the theatres names and if there is an AMC movie theatre it will say AMC. Good Luck.

What will happen at Amc movie theatre tommorrow on April,7 2007?

Amc theatre in Tulsa,OK

What will happen at Amc movie theatre tommorrow on April,7 2007?opera mini

people will watch movies?

What will happen at Amc movie theatre tommorrow on April,7 2007?passions soap opera opera theater

no one noes other than the ppl that work there duuuuu
I will not attend a film screening there.
movies will play people will come, what else do u want to happen?
is that a joke question?
Why don't you call and ask?

Amc Southroads 20 Plex Theatre ? 2.2 miles

4923 E 41st St, Tulsa, OK , Phone: (918) 622-9544
Probably some sort of Premiere which I will be unable to attend.

Amc theatre question for accounting clerk?

i applied for a job for admin assistant and the guy emailed me back with interview questions since im currently in florida moving to chicago and i applied before actually getting out there the thing is the job seems to good to be true . i havent spoken yet to the guy on the phone he claims he called me but i never got a call. now he sent me an email back about the duties and the title would be accounting clerk paying 55 dollars an hour. its a work at home job and they supply u the software and laptop to work with but the thing is have u ever heard of amc ever having a work at home opportunity .Im just iffy and hoping its not a scam. so far it seems great hes aske me how often i would like to get paid and in what form and supposebly he will call on wednesday and thursday to speak further about delivery of the laptop and the uses of the software provided. I went to their website and seen admin asst but it doesnt say work at home.please give me ure thoughts. thanks

Amc theatre question for accounting clerk?extension

Something seems wrong with that salary. It's at least twice as much as it should be. AMC is a well known movie theater. I just don't believe that salary for an accounting clerk.

Amc theatre question for accounting clerk?movie theater opera theater

As a theatre manager, it wouldn't totally surprise me. Movie theatres have some special accounting/bookkeeping requirements that can be time consuming. Unlike dealing with regular vendors, the film studios have special requirements for how payments are calculated and these can change from movie to movie. Furthermore, there is usually back and forth as the aggregate percentages for each movie change.

Plus you have all the regular things with other vendors and the inventories to be reconciled (and I believe AMC does daily inventory).

Because AMC operates in different states, there are also a variety of different requirements for calculating sales tax. I know in California, whether or not popcorn is taxable depends on the equipment used to hold/serve and the packaging used.

The work at home thing does sound a bit fishy, but it also makes more sense than maintaining an office space for all the bookkeepers that would be required.

The most important thing is to remember that you can always say no. And I would be cautious if he wants you to meet somewhere other than a corporate headquarters, branch office, or an AMC theatre.
The title "clerk" usually implies no degree, doing fairly simple bookkeeping duties, and sometimes an element of office management (passing out mail, ordering office supplies, etc.).

A salary of $55/hour is equivalent to about $114,000 annually ($55 x 2,080 hours--%26gt; 40 hours a week, 52 weeks in a year). This is on par with the salary of a small company CFO or sometimes a large company's Controller- No way they'd let you do either of those jobs from home. No way they would get the position title confused with "clerk".

An average salary for a clerk is probrably $30-35k annually where I live.

This offer is a scam. If you got the guy's name and phone number, you might want to call AMC headquarters (you can probrably find the number on their website) and tell someone what's going on. They would want to be aware that this person is misrepresenting their company.

Can a 15 year old work on amc theatre?

Yes, b ut you will need a work permit from your school and you will be limited in how many hours you can work in a week. I have attached the link for the guidelines and requirements for minors working in CA.

How much are two amc theatre movies tickets for 440pm for two students?

That depends on the particular theatre, as well as the day of the week. The more popular theatres are a bit more expensive, and the less-popular theatres are less expensive. (That's how then try to attract you to the less-popular theatre.)

Try either or Give them your zip code, and they will show you a list of theatres. If the one you want is not available online, go to the other site. (Loews had a contract with, so the former Loews theatres still use that site, while the pre-merger AMC theatres use When find your theatre with online ticketing, click on the showing you want to see, and it will tell you ticket prices.

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