Thursday, December 10, 2009

What does "no passes" mean at an AMC theater?

I was looking up showtimes to see a movie and there is a symbol that says "no passes". What exactly does this mean?

What does "no passes" mean at an AMC theater?movie theater

employess give free passes to friends. Not for that showtime

What does "no passes" mean at an AMC theater?tickets opera theater

Sometimes radio stations etc have promos and give aways that are tickets to first run movies.

If the theater says no passes, then you cant use the passes you got... they want their $$. This is usually only done for the big grossing/marketed movies.

hope this helped. ;)

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  1. AMC you have a real nerve telling the consumer "when" they can use their movie passes! It's as good a cash as well as a gift certificate. It's money. You have no business dictating it's usage.


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